Mercury Alliance Systems - MAS, was established in 1993 as an engineering consulting firm.

The firm focuses in providing turnkey project development in the arena of real time processing environment

The firm also provides project implementation services and project implementation consulting services


Mercury Alliance Systems - MAS, is an independent engineering consulting firm that offers considerable knowledge and experience as a result of unique combination of different domain expertise, complementary skills and practical experience of its partners and collaborating professionals.

MAS provides value-added services and practical solutions by applying structured scientific and technical approaches to problem solving along with a pragmatic business perspective.

We, in MAS, continuously evaluate, refine and develop new tools and procedures based on technology developments and customer feedback. This is part of our commitment to provide services and improved solution that meet our client business.


Mercury Alliance Systems consist of business experts and engineering consultants that collectively have more than 40 man-years of experience in the field of real time processing environment. 

The firm operates as a hub of engineering consultants, business experts and professional with expertise in various business fields. A number of engineering consultants constitute the consulting core team while a broader group of business experts contribute to each project depending on the nature of the project and the expertise needed.

This flexible organization structure allows the company to maintain low operational costs and offers the necessary versatility to conduct each individual project in the most cost effective and beneficial to the client manner.