Products Overview

Product Development

A number of software products have been designed and developed that target the electronic transaction processing market. These products, that are commercially available, operate on Microsoft Windows™ NT/2K/XP operating system environment.

Common features of all the products are:

Open Architecture

Structured Operating Environment

Open Message Format

Native connectivity with other MS Windows Applications

Interconnectivity with non MS Windows™  Applications

Open Database Connectivity

Expandability, Speed, Performance, Ease of deployment and use




Relational Database Management Engine that that all applications use, depending on the load, is either MS Access or MS SQL Server. Any RDBMS that supports ODBC can be used. User Interfaces to all applications are build with VB 6.0 (SP5). The Core part of some of the applications, where performance is needed, is built with ANSI C/C++ (BC 5.01) or VC 6.0. All native communication modules are build with ANSI C/C++ (BC 5.01).


MAS product line is summarized in the following table:

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FastNET™, FastTERM™, FastLIST™:

FastPOS™, FastTRANS™: